To ensure that your accepted paper(s) will be published in the 2023 International Conference on Digital Science (DSIC 2023) Professional Book with ISBN that will be submitted to SCOPUS, Web of Science, and other indexations. No more than one paper per registration will be published. At least one of the authors must be fully registered.
Registration process includes following procedures: 
1. All recommended changes must be addressed by the authors (no more than five) before they submit the camera-ready/final version. Please take into account reviewers’ comments and the rules of edition ( to prepare the camera-ready/final version of the paper. Then, save the file in docx format titled as IDXX and send it by October 09, 2023 via REGISTRATION FORM below.
2. Fill Endorsed Consent to Publish out, sign, save the file titled as IDXX and send it together with final version of your paper by October 09, 2023 on REGISTRATION FORM below.
3. Payment of Registration Fee (see section Payment after REGISTRATION FORM ).

    Registration Form

    Use this form to upload your paper. Please use title case for all fields (e.g. Pedro Liberato). First Name should be printed before Last Name, e.g. Juanita Beytell).

    Upload the final word version of your paper

    Upload the signed Endorsed Consent to Publish


    Amount of Registration fee must comply with ( 
    The Regular Registration fee might be transferred until October 09, 2023  via PayPal Payment system below. 
    If you need to use another way to pay please contact us to to determine it. For certain countries an intermediate bank fee will be added to your invoice, if your country is subject to an additional wire transfer fee.

    Regular DSIC 2023 Fee