The Use of Digitization in Small and Medium-Sized Agricultural Enterprises: Evidence from the Czech Republic

Martina Valentová, Lilia Dvořáková

University of West Bohemia, Plzeň, Czech Republic

Cite: Valentová M., Dvořáková L. The Use of Digitization in Small and Medium-Sized Agricultural Enterprises: Evidence from the Czech Republic. J. Digit. Sci. 3(2), 84 – 93 (2021).

Abstract. This paper presents the results of the research focused on the issues of digitization of agriculture in the context of current global developments and on the need to increase the amount of food produced in order to feed the continuously growing world population. The paper aims to analyze the use of the selected digitization tools in the crop production in the Czech Republic by small and medium-sized enterprises and to evaluate that from the economic point of view. To achieve the objectives, the desk research, the analysis and evaluation of secondary sources, and the method of directed interviews with managers and employees of the selected business entity were used. The research results evidence the positives and negatives of the use of the selected digitization tools within the crop primary production and represent the basis for further research aimed at the development of economic and financial management of small and medium-sized agricultural enterprises in the context of Agriculture 4.0 concept.

Keywords: Digitization, Drones, GPS, Smart agriculture, Agriculture 4.0.

This paper was supported by the University of West Bohemia under the project entitled SGS-2020-026 “Economic and financial transformation in the context of digital society”.

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Published online 28.12.2021