The influence of FDI on sustainable economic development of Ukraine in terms of global digitization

Svitlana Tkalenko, Natalya Sukurova

Cite: Tkalenko S., Sukurova N. The influence of FDI on sustainable economic development of Ukraine in terms of global digitization. J. Digit. Sci. 2(1), 40 – 53 (2020).

Abstract. This article is a research study of the role and necessity of digital transformation of Ukrainian economy in the context of digitization of the world economy, which will promote economic growth and increase the international competitiveness of national economy, which in its turn will contribute to the further formation of an attractive investment environment. The modern tendencies of information economy development are disclosed. Changes of the determinants of FDI in the Ukrainian economy in terms of its digital transformation are revealed. It is proved that foreign trade and the globalization index of the country influence on the process of attracting FDI. Much attention in the article is paid to the role of information, development of information sphere, digitization, formation of a new information economy, foreign direct investments, which are necessary for the economic development of the country and affect economic growth in the context of global digitization. The necessity of this study is due to the modern trends of development in the world economy and the digital transformation of the national economy. The role and importance of foreign direct investments in the digital transformation of the national economy has been proved on the basis of a broad analysis of research works of foreign and national specialists, analysis of economic situation in Ukraine and the main macroeconomic indicators identified the role and necessity of transformation processes, macroeconomic indicators of economic development of the country were analyzed, the necessity and requirements for the formation of an attractive investment environment, favorable investment climate and business environment have been identified. Using the econometric model, based on E-Views software, the indicators of GDP, foreign trade, inflation, employment level and the globalization index have been analyzed in the context of their impact on the volume of FDI attraction and their forecasting have been made.

Keywords: digital transformation, globalization, information economy, information technology, foreign direct investments.


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Published online 29.05.2020