State regulation of the introduction of digital technologies in the oil and gas complex of Russia

Zhanna Mingaleva, Elizaveta Sevidova

Cite: Mingaleva Z., Sevidova E. State regulation of the introduction of digital technologies in the oil and gas complex of Russia. J. Digit. Sci. 1(1), 25-33 (2019).

Abstract. Using digital technologies for the oil and gas production requires the organization of a generalized network of wireless interaction of components, continuous data collection from various sensors and sensors, the collection and exchange of information in order to detect complex events and critical moments, their analysis and detailed description based on the situation. However, the digitization of basic technological processes and operations in the Russian oil and gas complex is proceeding more slowly than in many other areas of production. Government assistance can stimulate the process of digitization of the oil and gas industry. The government authorities form and develop a regulatory framework in the field of and digital transformation of oil and gas production. This article presents a scheme of government regulation for the digital transformation of oil and gas production.

Keywords: Sustainability development, Government regulation, Competitiveness of enterprises, Digital technologies.

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Published online 22.12.2019