Social Aspects of Big Data Technology Implementation

Artem Balyakin, Sergey Taranenko, Marina Nurbina, Mikhail A. Titov

Cite: Balyakin A., Taranenko S., Nurbina M., Titov M. Social Aspects of Big Data Technology Implementation. J. Digit. Sci. 1(1), 15-24 (2019).

Abstract. Big Data is supposed to be one of the main traits of new coming digital era. Its technological aspects are usually widely discussed, whereas social peculiarities are mostly neglected. We present main approaches to Big Data, and argue that despite seeming revolutionary technology, Big Data can be treated as a new tool to produce knowledge. That means, it generates the same risks and challenges as other breakthroughs we witnessed previously. To our viewpoint, cultural aspects should be as counted as a main issue in Big Data implementation. Since the inability to control big data through prohibiting some peculiar features it possesses, we argue that one should focus on such practical steps as terminology improvements, and the evaluation of societal outcomes of the new technology.

Keywords: Big Data, Cultural Aspects, Scientific Infrastructure, Megascience, Research and Innovation Policy, Socio-Economic Challenges.

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Published online 22.12.2019