Searching Algorithm in a nonrelational database

Roman Ceresnak, Michal Kvet, Karol Matiasko

University of Zilina, Zilina, Slovakia

Cite: Ceresnak R., Kvet M., Matiasko K. Searching Algorithm in a nonrelational database. J. Digit. Sci. 4(2), 20 – 29 (2022).

Abstract. The problem of the data growth and it is storing to the nonrelational data-bases is related to their decreasing efficiency of searching. Nowadays, a very popular database in memory will help us with decreasing the efficiency of the operation searching in this paper. This paper examines the data search-ing in applications hosted in cloud service Amazon with using of nonrela-tional database DynamoDB. It develops new procedures to provide faster response to user and to obtain the data using of nonrelational database Dy-namoDB, that will provide the demanded data and subsequently, it will transfer them to the memory. The given procedure is based on two methods. The first method is a recognition of values, to which the user refers and the provision of this data to the database in memory. The second method is re-lated to the automatic storing of the data transferred to the database in memory. We perform various experiments in the paper, which are showing us a border of efficiency respectively inefficiency from a time perspective.
Keywords: selecting data, SQL database, NoSQL database, cloud.


This work was supported by Grant System of University of Zilina No. 1/2020. (8056).


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Published online 28.12.2022