Improving Business Processes by Applying the Kaizen Philosophy in a Macedonian Textile Company

Elizabeta Mitreva, Aneta Janeva

“Goce Delčev” University, Štip, Republic of Macedonia

Cite: Mitreva E., Janeva A. Improving Business Processes by Applying the Kaizen Philosophy in a Macedonian Textile Company. J. Digit. Sci. 4(1), 56 – 70 (2022).

Abstract. This paper presents the research aimed at developing a solution for advancing of business processes in a Macedonian textile company, by implementing techniques and methods of the Kaizen philosophy. The main objective of the paper is to make a comprehensive analysis of the factors that enable the improvement of the overall production process, thus achieving greater effectiveness and efficiency in the production operations, as well as greater market competitiveness. The solutions were based on the concept of improving the efficiency of operations, especially in the area of organization of production operations, in a way that enabled complete elimination of errors, greater productivity and increased quality of the final product, within a precisely defined time frame. Additionally, the paper also shows the key elements from the implementation of the Kaizen philosophy in the process of competitiveness improvement of the company.

Keywords: Kaizen philosophy; management tools and techniques; business processes; textile company; business performance.

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Published online 12.06.2022