Design and Evaluation of Visible Light Wireless Data Communication Models

Simona Riurean

Cite: Riurean S. Design and Evaluation of Visible Light Wireless Data Communication Models. J. Digit. Sci. 2(2), 3 – 13 (2020).

Abstract. The technologies based on the radio frequency used for wireless transmission indoor are more congested than ever these days, therefore several wireless communication alternatives are intensively searched. Some most promising technologies are based on the optical part of the electromagnetic spectrum. The benefits and drawbacks in optical wireless data communication models design are presented in this work. The key characteristics of the VLC systems are briefly discussed, as well. Some models developed for wireless data transfer in visible light communication and infrared are presented, and their operation related to the data rate and the length of the optical link, are briefly compared.

Keywords: Visible Light Communication, LED and PD key characteristics, Optical link, prototypes.


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Published online 29.12.2020