Cyber-Security Attacks, Prevention and Malware Detection Application 

Darius Moldovan, Simona Riurean

Bit Sentinel, București, Romania; University of Petroșani, Petroșani, Romania

Cite: Moldovan D., Riurean S. Cyber-Security Attacks, Prevention and Malware Detection Application. J. Digit. Sci. 4(2), 3 – 23 (2022).

Abstract. The internet has become more or less, for most of us a dangerous place to live, work and relax when no proper measures are taken, and the response to incidents is not very clear and well implemented, both for organizations and individuals. This paper makes a short overview of current types and incidents of cyber-attacks, as well as the current state of threats, and the grade of awareness worldwide. Some methods to prevent cyber-attacks, malware analysis, and threat hunting, are presented, too. The paper also contains an application developed with a series of APIs that link the application to open-source tools and activate them, hence analyzing the content of the possible malicious files.

Keywords: malware, ransomware, social engineering, phishing, crypto-jacking. 


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Published online 28.12.2022