A study on market intelligence: the professional, the applicability of information technologies to innovate and gain competitive advantage

Enzo Arthur Martins da Silva, Patrícia Scoralick Martins Lopes

Cite: Silva E., Lopes P. A study on market intelligence: the professional, the applicability of information technologies to innovate and gain competitive advantage . J. Digit. Sci. 1(1), 51-62 (2019). https://doi.org/10.33847/2686-8296.1.1_6

Abstract. With the evolving market of various industries, business management specialists are creating a demand for information technology to gain competitive advantage. Within this context, technology management specialists seek to innovate by creating systems that offer results with differentials. In this paper, we seek to present the connection between the study of Business Administration and Information Systems, addressing a brief history of Market Intelligence, its evolution and the importance it has for most business sectors. We have strengthened the argument why information technology is an essential investment for the success and survival of any organization today. We intend to contribute with theoretical material for future research on the subject.

Keywords: Market Intelligence, Information Technology, Innovation, Advantage, Data Science.


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Published online 22.12.2019