The Current Landscape of Digital Transformation. An Overview, and Prospects in Romania

Simona Riurean

University of Petroșani, Petroșani, Romania

Cite: Riurean S. The Current Landscape of Digital Transformation. An Overview, and Prospects in Romania. J. Digit. Art Humanit., 3(2), 03-23.

Abstract. Many scientific papers, articles, and books related to digitization, digitalization, and digital transformation have been published, and many issues are defined, researched, and discussed for two decades already worldwide, yet with timid application in real life. However, the digital transformation process in many countries has been significantly accelerated by the Covid-19 difficult situations due to social distance restrictions, and especially the lockdowns imposed by governments. The paper summarizes the roadmap to digital transformation in 193 countries according to EGDI (United Nations E-Government Development Index), the EU’s main areas for multi-projects, and Romania’s e-Government and e-Business current situation. There are also presented a number of examples of successful e-Government and e-Business projects in Romania.
Keywords: public sectors, digitalisation, e-business, e-government, digitization, digital transformation.


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Published online 27.12.2022