Senior Optimist pursues a better Future Beyond the COVID–19 Pandemic

Amos Avny

Cite: Avny A. Senior Optimist pursues a better Future Beyond the COVID–19 Pandemic. J. Digit. Art Humanit., 2(1), 48-57.

Abstract. The author claims that the COVID-19 Pandemic signalizes that time comes for making some changes. In short, he calls us to care more about people and their needs, about Earth and Nature and their potential unknown threats, rather than concentrating on the obsolete Capitalist call of “making money.” Although nobody can assess the magnitude of these issues, the author estimates it as a very significant Issue.  The COVID-19 pandemic clearly indicates how important and critical is the Public Sector in the fight against this enemy. Private funds were important but relatively less. The Author calls and offers a six steps strategy, for developing and inspiring people from all walks of life and all social classes. Finally, the Author believes that, it makes sense and justified to invest money and efforts in developing and empowering human-beings, as they are the keys and the leverage, the A and the Z, for every significant issue or project.

Keywords: Pandemic, Nature, unknown universe, development, growth, empowerment, ambition, expertise and excellence.


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Published online 26.06.2021