Nobel Prize roots in Russia

Tatiana Antipova

Cite: Antipova T. Nobel Prize roots in Russia. Journal of Digital Art & Humanities, Vol.1, Iss.1, pp. 33-41.

Abstract. The scientist who does not dream of receiving the Nobel Prize is unthinkable. The main reason for this research is that fact that just about 2,5% of Nobel Prize winners are Russians. This paper analyzed archive and literature documents about the activity of Alfred Nobel in Russia. In 1879 three Nobel Brothers (including Alfred) founded the “Nobel Brothers Association”, abbreviated as Branobel, in Russia. Success touched Alfred Nobel’s fut in Russian business and part of his profit was secured in Russian Central Bank as we know from Alfred Nobel’s will. As a result of current research author tried to evaluate contribution of A. Nobel’s Russian business in Nobel Foundation and Russian life. Consequently, it was revealed that A. Nobel’s executor Sohlman R. stated that in the assets of the Nobel Prize the originally share of funds received from Branobel activities was about 12%.

Keywords: Nobel Prize, Branobel, Petroleum Company, imperial Russia, oil production, oil storage, oil trade, Alfred Nobel, Nobel’s will.


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Published online 02.10.2020