Late in Inka Mina Ship Procurement: A Case of North Celebes, Indonesia

Indra Bastian, Kaihatu Bryan Petrus

Gadjah Mada University, Yogyakarta, Indonesia

Cite: Bastian I. , Petrus K.B. Late in Inka Mina Ship Procurement: A Case of North Celebes, Indonesia. J. Digit. Art Humanit. 4(1), 19-30, (2023).

Abstract. The Ministry of Maritime Affairs and Fisheries (KKP) launched a program to procure 1,000 fishing vessels sized 30 GT, known as Inka (ships) Mina (fish) to increase fishermen’s income and welfare. The KKP program was considered not running optimally. This was evidenced by many cases of procurement of troubled fishing vessels involving the Department of Maritime Affairs and Fisheries (DKP) in several regions in Indonesia. One area that experienced problems related to the procurement of fishing vessels were the DKP of North Sulawesi Province, which was the object of this study. The problem that faced was the delay in shipbuilding. Therefore, this study aimed to identify and analyze the roots of ship procurement problems by looking at the suitability of the ship procurement process in North Sulawesi Province DKP with Presidential Regulation No. 54 of 2010 and the causes of delays in shipbuilding. This study used a case study approach with an exploratory type. Data collection was done through documentation, open-ended interviews, and direct observation. The selection of participants used purposive sampling technique. Data analysis techniques were carried out by data reduction, data presentation, and conclusion drawing. The results of the study showed the process of procuring ships in DKP Prov. North Sulawesi, started from the preparation, implementation, signed until the execution of the contract, ran in accordance with Presidential Regulation No. 54 of 2010. The delay in shipbuilding was occurred to the provider. The causes of the delay were; lack of company experience which has an impact on the lack of experts; late delivery of raw materials; and natural conditions, which is high rainfall. As a result of delayed in shipbuilding, there were several findings that is incompatibility of handover dates and sea trial on the official document with the date of the photos taken and the sea trial taken, discrepancies in ship size, incompatibility in the calculation of late fines, and the role ambiguity in the Acting Official Technical Activities (PPTK).
Keywords: Ship Procurement Process, Delay in Shipbuilding.


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Published online 25.06.2023