High-Tech Heart Surgery in Elderly Patients in Russia

Sofia Shlyafer, Irina Shikina

Russian Research Institute of Health, Moscow, Russia; National register of bone marrow donors named after Vasya Perevoshchikov, Charity Fund, Moscow, Russia

Cite: Shlyafer S., Shikina I. Accessibility to Join Bone Marrow Donor Registry for Volunteers. J. Digit. Art Humanit. 4(1), 43-49, (2023). https://doi.org/10.33847/2712-8148.4.1_6

Abstract. Diseases of the circulatory system for many decades in Russia occupy a leading place in the structure of the causes of morbidity, disability and mortality. Therefore, the priority direction of the state policy in healthcare is the fight against cardiovascular diseases. The aim of our paper is to analyze the performed high-tech heart surgeries of elderly patients in Russia. The research methods are used in the work: analytical, statistical (calculations of extensive indicators, ratio indicators), content analysis and data from the federal statistical observation form № 14 «Information on the activities of departments of medical organizations providing medical care in inpatient conditions» for elderly patients (women aged 55 years and older, men – 60 years and older) for 2011-2019. The results of the federal project «Fight against cardiovascular diseases» allowed to increase the number of heart surgeries performed by 3.1 times, including with the use of high medical technologies – by 3.6 times, to reduce the frequency of postsurgical heart complications from 2.41 to 1.18%, with the use of HTMC – from 2.65 to 1.19%.
Keywords: surgery, heart, high-tech medical care, elderly patients, the frequency of postoperative complications.


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Published online 26.06.2023