Applying remote photo shooting technology in ballet photography

Andrey Stepanov

Institute of Certified Specialists, Russia

Cite: Stepanov A. Applying remote photo shooting technology in ballet photography. J. Digit. Art Humanit., 3(2), 53-68.

Abstract. This paper focuses on the topic of remote photo shooting technologies in photography. An attempt was made to analyze various methods and applications for photography during a pandemic and choose the best one. This article discusses the most effective solution from the point of view of my own project named Dance&Nature. Author took into account his experience and results and tell about it. The paper draws a simple and clear conclusion about the best set of functions and the quality of the result in terms of acceptability and convenience for the photographer.
Keywords: ballet, ballet photographer, photography, remote photo shooting.


Author is grateful to Dozado Dance Magazine, which expressed its willingness to support my photography project. The editors of the magazine intend to publish the best photo stories captured in frames in the magazine in my personal column. Also, as a result of the project, it is planned to organize a photo exhibition in the future.

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Published online 27.12.2022