Need for High-Tech Medical Devices in Value-Based Health Care

Tatiana Antipova

Central Scientific and Research Institute for Health Organization and Informatics, Moscow, Russia

Cite: Antipova T. Need for High-Tech Medical Devices in Value-Based Health Care. Advances in Digital Science, 66-72, 2022.

Abstract. Modern medical entities need high-tech medical devices for telemedicine, nuclear medicine, etc. To provide this equipment to medical entities, it is necessary to determine the adequacy of the medical devices already available in the hospitals and the need for financial support for the purchase of more modern and efficient medical devices.  At the same time, it is necessary to take into account that health care entities must provide medical services in accordance with the standards of economy and efficiency in the use of budgetary funds without fraud, abuse, non-purpose use, etc. In doing so, they are expected to achieve improvements in the performance of all services provided. The concept of value-based health care facilities to demonstrate improvement in the quality of services provided under strict quality management controls. At times, management of medical equipment does not match its remarkable potential due to a lack of qualified personnel for use and application due to inadequate information, inadequate incentives, and organizational fragmentation between management personnel and practitioners. This chapter applies the basic approach with principles of determining the sufficiency and need for high-tech medical devices based on value, i.e. integrated data on price and performance; alignment of financial incentives; and organizational capability to evaluate alternatives to the medical devices.

Keywords: value-based health care, telemedicine, nuclear medicine, financial incentives, organizational capability.


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Published online 26.07.2022