The Methods for Emergency Robot Self-Оrganization Control

Gennady Ross, Valery Konyavsky

Plekhanov Russian University of Economics, Moscow, Russia
MIPT, Moscow, Russia

Cite: Ross G., Konyavsky V. The Methods for Emergency Robot Self-Оrganization Control. Advances in Digital Science, 5-25. 2022.

Abstract. The chapter demonstrates that the efficiency of self-organization of multi-agent systems (MAS) for controlling robots in emergency situations can be significantly increased if robots are provided with the ability to plan their behavior. The principles, requirements and tasks of the robot self-organization control are described. A concept for the development of evolutionary simulation methods (market models), which include a set of interlinked simulation models for swarm robot self-organization control, is proposed. The example of an algorithm for MAS robotic emergency control is given.

Keywords: intelligent mobile robot, self-organization, equilibrium random processes, evolutionary simulation methods, self-organization control, multi-agent system (MAS), market models of self-organization.


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Published online 26.07.2022