Advances in Digital Science

ADS 2022

Across science, the digitalization is happening in shorter waves than ever before. Digital transformation puts technology of scientific studies/researches at the core of science strategy since this approach can reduce operating expenses and inefficiency. Modern scientific works are made up of highly complicated interactions between many technologies, activities, and people.

This book reflects a science-based vision of the digitalization as the technological basis for the research in such fields of science as Robotics and E-Information Systems; Digital Education; Public Health Care. The main idea of this book is to cover and discuss some advances in digital science for prospectus researches relating to control robots in emergency situations; studying the intrusion detection technique for IoT environment; improving the classical methodology of teaching a foreign language for various technical profiles with elements of digitalization; principles of determining the sufficiency and need for high-tech medical devices based on digital integrated data. The results of these studies will lead to the implementation of a common integrated digital technology which could hold information about research results as well as their semantic and educational relationships, strengthen data exchange and interconnections among people, devices and applications in an expanded scenario which include Internet of Things, robots and Big Data.

The target audience of this book includes scholars, specialists and experts whose work involves digital transformation of modern socio-economic and engineering systems in the digital age.

Book “Advances in Digital Science – ADS 2022 published in a book with ISBN 978-5-6048575-0-2, indexed by ORCID, DOI (for each chapter) and will be submitted for evaluation for the Web of Science (Book Citation Index – Science (BKCI-S)).

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